The News El video original de ‘Quiero agua’ en Portal Zacarías Viral on Twitter


The News El video original de ‘Quiero agua’ en Portal Zacarías Viral on Twitter

Indovaganza.comThe first video for “I Want Water” has become an Internet legend. Despite its bad reputation, it is difficult to find online. The disturbing and vivid images it portrays have led to reviews on many websites, which have fueled the desire to know more and the desire to watch it.

The emotional impact on viewers who had the opportunity to see the first video for “I Want Water” was deeply affected by its content. The protagonist’s desperate plea for water at the end of his life is still remembered by many.

Images of brutal torture and the presence of a terrifying criminal have a lasting effect on those who dare to see them. The video for “I Want Water” is a strange thing on the Internet, since there is little confirmed information about its origin and related details. The identity of the man in the video remains unknown, as is the reason for his tragic fate. This has led to a lot of speculation and speculation online, making the mystery surrounding this record even more disturbing.

The video that shows the torture and murder of a man, known as ‘I want water gore video’, is the work of a boxer known as ‘El payaso’.

The victim, now known as the Mexican Ghost Rider, who lives in the city of Cotija, in the state of Michoacán, was raised by CJNG hitmen from “El payaso”, the leader of this cartel and Aguilla. It was the boxer “El payaso del CJNG” himself who removed the skin from his face, while the man was still alive.

Although the exact time of the killing is not seen in the video, due to the man’s injuries, it is assumed that he was killed and a few minutes later his body will appear in one while in Cotija in the coming days with new narcotic information. . of CJNG. So far there is no response from Viagras, but after the threat, it is feared that the family of the said hitman will suffer the consequences of the actions of “El Payaso del CJNG” and the new family of Michoacán will be killed.